About Me


About Me

Hi beautiful mama,

First and foremost I'm a mama myself, to 2 beautiful little girls.

I'm a student midwife at USC on the Sunshine Coast, and I love photographing bellies, births and babies.


I'm guessing we've found each other because you're expecting a baby and want some gorgeous photographs of yourself to treasure this time, or you're interested in how I can support you through your pregnancy journey through midwifery or education.

Before anything, let me say I'm so glad we've connected here.

The world of birth is filled with fear, and that's just not my philosophy. I aim to encourage women to trust their bodies, to listen to mama nature, and to have the courage to voice what is truly right for them.

I try to provide all the information you'll need to do just this - so you can have the most empowering birth experience possible.

Things might not always go to plan, but when we feel empowered, respected, safe and listened to - we can largely avoid things like birth trauma and reflect on this journey as one of immense joy and pride, rather than shame and guilt (which happens way too often).

Please download my free resource (by joining my mail list below) that will guide you to creating your perfect birth environment no matter where you are giving birth (just pop your name & email address into my newsletter subscription box at the bottom of this page and I'll send it right to your inbox).

I look forward to supporting you on this most special journey.

Jess x